Work insights – week 2

1. Junk food is so tempting…AND addicting.

Some people from the office sell food in our pantry, and it works through honesty policy: choose what you want to get (chips, instant noodles, chocolates, cookies, packed lunch, etc.) and then write your name. After a month, the person selling those things will go around the office to bill you whatever that month’s worth of food you bought.

Sometimes I get hungry and I always tend to buy chips. But the one-serving sizes aren’t sold there. Just the three-servings or two-servings packs (see above) and just this week alone, I ended up eating three bags. V-Cut, Tortillos, and Chiz Curls. :(

That is BAD.

2. I took mac for granted in college.

Most of the people from my course in school (or, actually, most of the people I know from school) use a mac, whether or not they actually need it (i.e. people with MacBook Pro’s even if all they use are…MS Word, and then MS Powerpoint sometimes. Yeah, like they even use iMail or Garage Band or other good Mac programs. They just type things. And calculate numbers, sometimes). The “only-design-students-use-a-mac” stereotype does NOT exist in my school.

Information Design students get to use the Mac Lab too, which is this room with a lot of iMacs. But we usually prefer using our personal macbooks anyway, because all our project files are there.

So, anyway, for the past few years I’ve hardly used Windows. And in the past two weeks, I’ve been using Windows on a laptop whose calibration settings refuses to get fixed (it won’t save itself). I was actually working on a design that I thought was blue…and turned out to be teal on the other computers. I ended up bringing my laptop to work yesterday and —

I CANNOT IMAGINE GOING BACK TO WINDOWS ANYMORE. I never even realized how inferior it is until I started using it every day again. I REALLY LOVE MY MAC. I’ve even convinced my brother to ask my mom if he could get a MacBook Air, and he’s in Management.

I fixed everything on my mac so I could use it at the office yesterday. Given the fact that I don’t commute to work anyway, I think I’ll start bringing my macbook to work until our team gets iMacs next year (which, given the nature of the team, should have been the practice a long time ago, in my humble opinion).

3. I really love my job.

Lately I’ve started to feel like I don’t want to go home early anymore if it means staying in the office and getting to chat once in a while with some officemates. They’re really nice and just yesterday, someone mentioned “blah blah blah…Crazy, Stupid Love” and I exploded with Emma-Stone fangirliness. To the point that might put my sexual orientation in question.

I also love reading about design, UI, UX, mobile first, mobile web, and other related topics that I could spend a day at work researching about any of these and obsessively perfecting a presentation that isn’t even due until a week later.

I really, really love my job right now. I don’t earn P38k/month like some friends, but I’m happy.


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  1. I wish I could watch crazy stupid love with you :( anyway I miss having a fun girl friend like you (masaya kang kasama kasi spontaneous ka, madaling ayain, at game sa maraming bagay).

    Waha I know who earns 38K/mo– at least you’re passionate about what you do and not a (excuse the term) corporate slave or at least not yet :p

    1. I am still game for a lot of things, except work tires me out a lot these days! :(

      I think I just made it clear to my mom in a recent dinner conversation that I will never work a job that doesn’t have a Creative side to it, no matter how “international” the company is.

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