I don’t know how many people know about EAT! at Esteban Abada Street in the Katipunan area (the street behind McDo). I only learned about it when Peter brought me and Charlie to eat there around March, but apparently it’s been there since forever. I ate there only two times after that, and we went back again yesterday with some friends. They’ve made the place bigger (yay!) but the meals are as affordable and yummy as ever!

Where else can you get delicious hainanese chicken for Php80!? Their chicken meat is quite soft, and the three small bowls of sauce are so good when mixed together. It comes with a small bowl of soup too, though I was already too full for that.

Korean Beef Stew is only Php85. And it's so good!

Twister fries are only Php40, and you get a plate-ful of it.

The hainanese chicken, korean beef stew, and creamy dory meals are what I would suggest for first-timers (most of the meals are under Php100, and their most expensive one is steak priced over Php300). Their potato chips are fried from real potatoes, so it’s definitely a better choice than the commercial kind. They serve desserts too, like mais con yelo (Php30) or a cake for the day (usually around Php65). They also have a variety of drinks which are priced at the average of Php20 (such as blue lemonade).

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