I did nothing today but design and code my thesis blog (it’s in HTML5 again, but just the minor features like the font and text-shadows. Because HTML5 is pretty). ¬†I don’t know what drains me anymore because even though that’s all I did, at 9.45 pm I’m already ¬†willing to hit the sack. Except I shouldn’t, because I have 5% of weekend-thesis done, and I’m at 0% progress with my Flash project.

I absolutely had no exercise last week because of the flu and because chips were some of the food I could still taste, I ended up eating a lot of those. :( I guess it doesn’t help that yesterday I ate at Bannapple with friends from my org. Jopy and I ended up doing the smartest and yet still slightly stupidest thing ever. We both ordered a meal each, and then asked them to serve our meals into two, so in the end we get to eat two different dishes in one night. Except, an hour before we had dinner, we also ordered dessert (yes, we ate dessert first) — mine being banoffee pie. It is the best pie in the world but incredibly filling. Therefore, by the end of the meal, both of us just wanted to get rid of everything we ate. Haha. I got home at around 10pm and I still was too full to sleep early.

my order: baked fish
my order: baked fish (Php 165)
Jopy's order: barbecued ribs
Jopy's order: barbecued ribs (Php 165)

It was heaven while eating, and then almost hell after.

Jopy and I ended up sort-of regretting we didn’t go to Makati to party instead of…dinner last night. But oh well. I’m still sick anyway, and drinks and a party might not be the best thing for me this week. I just feel dressing up yesterday was a little waste. I mean, I ended up sliding down on the pavement because of the rain because I wasn’t really dressed for the weather (when am I ever?). I could have been having fun at an open bar instead, haha.

I’m going to a family reunion tomorrow, because my cousin who lives in Ohio is going to leave for the US again. She visited us for a month but I was too busy with school, work, and thesis to spend so much time with her and her kids. Tomorrow will be the last day I’ll see her, and then it’s a countdown to two years after before the next visit. :( I don’t mind spending time with my family but school/work/acads takes half the fun away. I’m going to be there and yet I’ll be stressing out whenever I think of my to-do list and the fact that I AM NOT WORKING.

At the very least I can be proud that I’m still holding up from not installing the Sims on my laptop. It’s going to be a sin if I did and I’m determined not to until this semester is over. WHATUP.

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