Fashion Friday the 13th

If there’s something I’ll never forget from Riza, it’s that day when she came to one of our core meetings dressed so chic because, she said, “If you’re going down, go down in style.” Forget Fashion Friday. Every day is just another cycle of Death by Stress (Work, Thesis, and Acads) so it makes me feel like every day should be De-Stress by Dressing Up Day. >:D

So this morning, after I fried my brain and started to leave random notes on my friends’ walls on Facebook, we went to the other org room to just take pics, haha, and then we left love notes on the said org’s whiteboard. :) Yes, it was us.

Mamu looking oh-so-fine. :D
Mamu looking oh-so-fine. :D

I haven’t been very productive lately because exhaustion has made my body crash the moment I stepped into the house (and once I just literally let myself fall down on the sofa in the sala instead of trying to get to my room). :( I have so much work. And yet. That, and I’m always distracted. Yikes.

I don’t know why random strangers have been going up to me today, though I felt good about helping them out. This woman at Seattle’s Best asked if she could text her boyfriend using my phone because she left hers in his car and I let her do so (she texted me after she left to say thank you! How kind is that? :D). It’s not even about hoping to get good karma — it’s just I like being nice to strangers. (I even did stupid stuff in Singapore, like offering to take pics of tourists whenever I walk around places because it makes me feel good to be nice to them, I guess.) And then after the woman left and settled her phone-problem with her bf, this other girl asked if she can sit on the empty chair of my table to use the net. That one was weirder and totally random and kinda made me cautious because I wasn’t sure if I should just trust random strangers.

I want to make friends with strangers. Mary went to San Francisco for a semester and she said the people there are really friendly. Like you actually talk to them on the bus. I want that. I think it’s Asian culture that we don’t just talk to anyone in the public transportation — like we should mind our own business. I’ve had some moments when I do want to just approach someone and talk to them randomly or ask them about something, like be some kind of friendly stranger you watch in the movies (and then something exciting might happen? Hahaha). Unfortunately, I always chicken out at the last second. I’ve never really had that much courage. Maybe it’s just because of the culture here at home too. I swear, I’m going abroad again and when I do, I’ll try that out. Like be nice and talk and stuff.


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  1. When you start giving without even thinking about it at all, it becomes a character trait that stays with you…what’s even better is that it’s also pleasing in God’s eyes. :) I learned that in church today. I might just blog about this. And your lovely cellphone antidote. Hehe. MISS YOU!

    1. It’s like Philo and Virtue that leads to arete!

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