I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been extremely busy over some jobs, practicing the art of watching Ally McBeal while exercising, and meeting up with friends. However, today (yesterday? last night? It just being 12.05am) is sort-of a momentous occasion for my normally rather unexciting life: I managed to cook something for dinner, with the […]
When my brother and I were kids, back when we weren’t allowed to watch TV on weekdays, I’ve seen commercials of Ally McBeal on Studio 23. So yesterday, when I saw the DVD set in my aunt’s house, I borrowed it. And had been watching Ally McBeal with my mom all day since. Until I […]
I’m a romantic idiot by nature (how couldn’t I be, when as a kid my constant rewatching of Disney’s Cinderella had been paving that path for me. I mean, what would you expect when a kid already knows when exactly to cover her eyes because she’s seen the cat fall to its death several times […]
If there’s any other stop-motion out there worth spending some minutes watching it’s THIS. Even as an advertisement, this was pretty much genius. The stop-motion is not an original technique anymore BUT the challenge lies in how to use stop-motion to present something that can still be called unique. This would have been perfect for […]
Since my long-term memory is malfunctioning, I can’t remember when exactly Mother’s Day is. But I know it’s in May. I love my mom; we’ve never gotten into a serious mother-daughter fight. Actually, despite my tendencies to lean towards rebellion, disobedience, and dishonesty, I’m still a pretty-obedient kid. Or maybe my mom and I just […]
Lately I’ve started to consider other options for my future. Assuming I have one, well. I’m so insecure about my poor design skills; I think I’ve been left behind by even more talented people so in the possibility that I fail in trying to get into the design/creative/ad industry, I’ve decided that I could instead […]
Keeping myself in PGP in multiple attempts to force myself to study, not even logging in on MSN and YIM for a week, contributes very little to my academic life. In short, traveling had evaporated most of my drive to study. I have done almost no “reading” during Reading Week. Going to Phuket, Thailand from […]
Finally, our AdStrat presentation is done! We had our weakness but I think the prof liked our idea anyway. Which makes me excited because maybe advertising will actually be fun, if you’re working with the right people. My group mates are just awesome (except for one guy who was stupid enough to plagiarize his part […]
I think this is an amazing video, promoting Design Week Vancouver whose theme is “Design Currency.” Although we were talking about transactional art in Cyber Arts class yesterday, this uses “currency” in a different context: value of design. And it’s not that easy. When we went to the Singapore Art Museum and to another exhibit […]