Stackers vs. Burger Avenue

So the first week of work was still filled with getting treated out for good food by a lot of people, and for some reason I’ve had two burgers in one week already. If we consider how I just ate at Boulevard Diner at the end of July, and how all the movie dates I’ve had with C included Burger King take-outs, I’ve had my fill of burgers for the rest of the month, thankyouverymuch. You just get really used to eating burgers a lot when you hang out with boys, and as much as I enjoy eating them, I think I’ve had my fill.

So last week my cousin treated me for dinner at Stackers in Eastwood, and then just last night I had dinner with C and Peter at Burger Avenue in The Fort Strip. It wasn’t that hard to pick which I liked more —

Burger Avenue wins! (I wondered out loud to C what the toppings on the bread were, but neither of us knew)

I prefer the burger patty from Burger Avenue even though the toppings were pretty much the same. The beef’s just better.

The meal from Stackers came with fries. I’m not sure if Burger Avenue had that kind of meal set, but C ordered onion rings to go with our burger. I love onion rings and theirs did not disappoint.

The onion rings and a mix of ketchup and mayo dip.
Peter looks so chill. Apparently, he brings everyone he comes with to the Fort Strip to get food at Burger Avenue.
C looking so cute in his new top.

I think my weight will just shoot up one of these days. I only have Sundays to balance my food intake, haha. Although next week, being a mere “normal” work week again (no foreign friends to meet up with, no more “first-job” or “first-day” lunch-outs), I’ll be able to eat “normal” once I’m reduced to eating baon.

The thing I have to save up for? The first-paycheck-dinner-treat-for-family. Which my cousin didn’t fail to remind me.


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  1. Camille, the thingies on the Burger Avenue bun are oatmeal. Makes the texture more interesting when you bite into it. I still prefer Charlie’s, though. :))

    1. No one has beaten Charlie’s for the best angus burger steak, I think. I’m just glad there isn’t any Charlie’s near my area so I can resist eating there :))

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