Sunset dates

It’s Monday evening and I’m at Middle Brighton with Dylan. He’s fishing, and hadn’t had much luck these days apart from the greedy puffer fish last Saturday at Mornington. But he’s a bit of an old soul and fishing relaxes him, and so here we are.

This is our alone time, our date night, and while I don’t typically fish myself, I sit nearby and keep myself busy. Just the sight of the sea soothes the soul: there’s always something bigger than myself (the sea, the world, the universe) which always reminds me that many things in my life are not that important. Let them go, you know? Layers of gold, crimson, and purple is tonight’s transient painting to admire. I should enjoy it while it lasts; summer isn’t forever and I won’t be seeing sunsets at 9pm for that long.

The sky and the ocean stretch to other ends that I can’t see. The earth lives and breathes no matter what happens in the world, and I’m just a little speck in time. I love keeping Dylan company, even if I’m just sitting down meters away as he’s pulling his rod, reeling in a lure that the active little puffer fish have been nibbling on. I am sitting but also saying, I’m here, I’ll always be here, and we’ll always have each other.

On the way home, a song plays in the car and it was the same song that I’ve been enjoying every time it plays.

You said, “Hold the line”, I won’t let go
‘Cause I’ll be there when you can finally make it home
And I don’t mind ’cause we both know
That we’ll be fine when you can finally make it home

I didn’t quite know the rest of the lyrics but it was one of those slow, romantic songs that I like. The other day the song was playing while we were on the road, and I told Dylan it was really lovely but never said why.

“Hm, I like the lyrics of this song.” I was musing, listening, it makes me think of —

It makes me think of you.” My heart jumps. This boy — too sweet. Imagine, if I hadn’t said anything, he wouldn’t mentioned it and I never would’ve known. It’s funny, it doesn’t matter, he’s so sweet, and I laughed.

“Me too! I just never said anything, but I always think of you.”

It’s been a few years since we’ve been together and I’m happy we still have these moments. I am to him the same as he is to me, even if we don’t always say it that way.


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