Work insights – week 2

1. Junk food is so tempting…AND addicting.

Some people from the office sell food in our pantry, and it works through honesty policy: choose what you want to get (chips, instant noodles, chocolates, cookies, packed lunch, etc.) and then write your name. After a month, the person selling those things will go around the office to bill you whatever that month’s worth of food you bought.

Sometimes I get hungry and I always tend to buy chips. But the one-serving sizes aren’t sold there. Just the three-servings or two-servings packs (see above) and just this week alone, I ended up eating three bags. V-Cut, Tortillos, and Chiz Curls. :(

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Work Insights – week 1

I just had my first week of work, and there are some things (which are nonsensical at times) that I’ve realized after this first week:

1. Work makes me exhausted. Not even tired. EXHAUSTED. 

I don’t even do anything tedious, and I’m definitely just sitting on the desk 95% of the time, but the only thing I want to do when I get home is to talk to C before I sleep, and then fall asleep right after. This could mean that: (1) I’m incredibly weak, or (2) I need to eat a heavier breakfast, or (3) I should stop having late-night dinners because it makes me feel full, which in turn keeps me from sleeping earlier because I hate sleeping with a full stomach. I don’t even eat that much for dinner on a regular basis.

2. I have no more time for my fashion blogs. Or other blogs for that matter.

Unread posts on my google reader.

Since I ride with my parents, I always have to go to Makati after getting picked up, which means I get home later. I don’t like it, but beggars can’t be choosers. I’m starting to think that I’d rather get picked up LATER, so I can stay in the office instead of wasting road time going to and back from Makati.

This also means I wake up at 5am in the morning, leave the house before 7am, and get to work before 8am. Since I arrive early, I have around 15-20 minutes of surfing the net or going on Facebook and checking personal emails before I officially start work. That doesn’t give me much time to go through all the Fashion and Design blogs I usually consume each morning.

Trying to multi-task while dressing up in the morning and trying to go through my reader at the same time doesn’t really work well, unfortunately.

I still have 20+ design/mobile/UI articles to finish reading. They’ve been open since the start of the week.

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Tired bee

Books we can borrow at the office!
No-shorts rule. I have resorted to skirts and pants.

Saying “I have no time” is such a lame excuse and I’m proud to say that this week had been a week of making time for friends and family, despite the additional eight hours of work each day. I’ve been having lunches and dinners with different people every day, and I’m actually tired of feeling so bloated after these restaurant meals. My “normal” lunch would include a quarter cup of rice and some meat or vegetable and I don’t want to eat a full cup of rice and lost of other dishes anymore!

My desk is still so bare but I’m bringing some of my sheep to the office. I want pretty paper on my wall too, or maybe print out poladroids (since I need new photos anyway). Their only rule is no vandalism and adhesives, so as long as I keep everything clean, I can pretty much make my desk feel a bit warmer. And Post-it’s. I need post-its. I bought this really cool set for C from Bangkok, but now I’m regretting not buying more of that.

I love the fact that there are books in the office which we can borrow. A whole shelf of them! Everyone has been so nice this past week, and I’ve been enjoying all the tasks assigned to me no matter how small or simple they are (composing an email took me twenty minutes just because I wanted to word it properly, and then the person I emailed came over to say, “Yeah, I saw it, but it was so long I’ll read it later.” Bullet-list emails next time? Haha).

My team also has some fun things lined up soon, and I can’t help but feel excited EVERY time we have meetings about projects, be it for clients or internally.

I’m definitely lucky to have gotten this as my first job because I’m loving every moment of it, even the sleepy-tired mornings.

Worky Worky

I started my first day of work at Chikka yesterday (as User Interface Designer) and I’m blogging at seven-fifty in the morning because even though I didn’t do much at the office, I was just so tired and sleepy (but I guess waking up at 4.30am because of a nightmare has to do something with it). Effing tired and sleepy. I wonder if it means I’m badly unfit, haha.

Anyway, the first day was pretty fun. I met the members of my team (we’re only three! And as usual, the only girl so far.) and by the end of the day, I felt really excited for all the things we have to do this week, the next week, the next month, and everything planned until the next year. All I can say is that they’re all very friendly and easy to talk to, and one of the managers already started joking about my intense obsessiveness when it comes to sheep (he noticed most of my sites had sheep in them and had to ask what was up, :P) as well as the fact that I’m still on probation, so if I don’t perform well enough, I’ll be out of a job again (PRESSURE).

Chikka is such a lovely place to work at, and it was just my first day but I already enjoyed it so much! They’re still looking for another UI Designer, I think, so if you’re into web design and other UI stuff, then I think you should go and apply.

My cousin treated me to lunch and dinner yesterday, but I’ll blog about that some other time. It’s 8am already, so that means worky worky! (if you get the Doctor Who reference, kudos to you!)