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  • So tired of feeling tired

    So tired of feeling tired

    I’m tired. It’s already nearing the end of the month, and the last blog post I wrote was last October 8th. It’s not like I’ve been doing anything particularly overwhelming. I’m just perpetually trying to figure out things. Work-wise: Most of the day I’m either coding/designing for projects for the company or its clients, or […]

  • In search for nearby good milk tea

    OK, Bon Appetea tastes really horrible, and for the longest time it was the milk tea nearest the office. I saw Boba Milk Tea (at the corner Garnet street) and tried it out last week. Their milk tea was alright, but their pearls were also horrible (like they’ve been soaked too long or something). Yesterday, […]

  • Work insights – week 7: Things I crave for at work

    (I know, I missed two work-insights posts. Life happens.) There are some things I’ve been craving for at work, and they’re not just potato chips anymore. Sugar. I’m working on some PHP and MySQL for one of our projects and for me, coding those needs a lot of thinking (because I’m not that good in it, […]

  • Work insights – week 3: My life’s financial wellness

    Yesterday, the office hosted an hour-long talk by Mr. Rogel Morales entitled, “Pera, Pera, Paano ba Gumawa?” and in all fairness, there were a couple of things that I got from it. Such as: Instead of the formula, (Income – Expenses = Savings), it is much better to adapt an (Income – Savings = Expenses) formula for your […]

  • Work insights – week 2

    Work insights – week 2

    1. Junk food is so tempting…AND addicting. Some people from the office sell food in our pantry, and it works through honesty policy: choose what you want to get (chips, instant noodles, chocolates, cookies, packed lunch, etc.) and then write your name. After a month, the person selling those things will go around the office […]

  • Work Insights – week 1

    Work Insights – week 1

    I just had my first week of work, and there are some things (which are nonsensical at times) that I’ve realized after this first week: 1. Work makes me exhausted. Not even tired. EXHAUSTED.  I don’t even do anything tedious, and I’m definitely just sitting on the desk 95% of the time, but the only […]

  • Tired bee

    Tired bee

    Saying “I have no time” is such a lame excuse and I’m proud to say that this week had been a week of making time for friends and family, despite the additional eight hours of work each day. I’ve been having lunches and dinners with different people every day, and I’m actually tired of feeling […]

  • Worky Worky

    I started my first day of work at Chikka yesterday (as User Interface Designer) and I’m blogging at seven-fifty in the morning because even though I didn’t do much at the office, I was just so tired and sleepy (but I guess waking up at 4.30am because of a nightmare has to do something with […]