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  • Last summer days

    Last summer days

    It’s hard to go on a diet when you’re always eating out with your friends. Last Monday, I stayed out at Xocolat and ended up sharing grilled eggplant panini and banana toffee pie with Angelica (it was impossible to finish both meal and dessert alone). That night I had dinner with my blockmates at Kanin […]

  • The Great Cebu Trip (part 3)

    The Great Cebu Trip (part 3)

    I’ve been feeling unwell the past few days — bad enough that I didn’t feel like blogging anything at all. But I’m trying to finish this, mostly because I started it already :P Day three was our trip to Kawasan Falls. It’s a four-hour ride from the city. We rode one of the Ceres yellow […]

  • The Great Cebu Trip (Part 2)

    The Great Cebu Trip (Part 2)

    For Day 2, we planned on going to the tourist places in the city. We had an itinerary all planned out since you could find a list of places to go online anyway. But after the second stop, we scrapped our prepared itinerary and after going to a couple of places, we ended up watching […]

  • The Great Cebu Trip (Part 1)

    The Great Cebu Trip (Part 1)

    Since I’ll be leaving for another trip next week, I should really get this backlog of my trip in Cebu last May 4-7 up. I’ve been meaning to write this for a long time but so many things happened, such as boxing, work, and a bit of bumming (yes, honestly, when I’m not working or […]

  • Hopefully Boracay isn’t my last beach trip

    Hopefully Boracay isn’t my last beach trip

    I went to Boracay (for the first time! And I’m already 21!) last April 6 and left on the 9th. Considering all the other places I’ve gone to, like Bintan, I should have already gone to Boracay before (because hey, it’s in the Philippines, and it really does have beautiful sand!) but my first time […]

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  • Satisfying sushi cravings

    After thesis class yesterday, all three of us were craving for sushi, so we decided to have late lunch together today. <3 I missed hanging out with Jamie and Mary. I missed hanging out with girls, period. If anything, even if girls are more complicated than boys (and not just from a guy’s POV), they’re […]

  • Penniless on a Monday

    We went to High Street this afternoon as planned. Despite the rain and bribing a taxi (we said we’d pay an extra fee) — after being rejected by drivers twice to bring us to Taguig — we eventually got to Fully Booked. I found the Ally McBeal OST for my mom and Love Begins in […]