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  • Climbing walls again

    Climbing walls again

    …climbing the wall of laziness! It’s been too long since I last went wall climbing. The last time was high school, I think. Today was a chance to start getting into something to counter all the weight-gaining, except well, we ended up filling ourselves with Banapple afterward. Still, not bad for a start. We’ll try…

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  • My life is like a pack of Fruit Bowl Jelly Belly

    My life is like a pack of Fruit Bowl Jelly Belly

    I was with C the whole day yesterday, and both of us felt that it was such an amazing day even though we mostly ate, walked around, talked, laughed, and admired exhibits. It was a day of food tripping, window shopping, notebook shopping, and museum-going. (So, just as a warning: this is the longest post…

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  • The NBI Nightmare

    The NBI Nightmare

    I had to get an NBI clearance for employment so I went with Rian on this one-day adventure. It’s so effing surreal, lining up at 3am in the morning for a government-issued certificate sounds so exaggerated until you’ve experienced it yourself. I’m not kidding. I’ve heard a few people have a similar experience (someone who…

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  • Toy Con 2011

    Toy Con 2011

    I went with a few friends to the 2011 Toy Convention at SM Megamall yesterday.  I haven’t gone before, but like with the many firsts from this year (Comic Con too, with C), I went to Toy Con with a few friends. I also saw Dan and Marv (I haven’t seen him since he got…

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  • Bangkok shopping bliss

    Bangkok shopping bliss

    I was at Bangkok for only two full days (I wasn’t originally part of this trip but my mom, aunt, and cousin let me tag along!) and with that short amount of time, I didn’t try to contact or meet up with my Thai friends I made from my semester in Singapore last year. I’m…

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  • The Great Cebu Trip (part 3)

    The Great Cebu Trip (part 3)

    I’ve been feeling unwell the past few days — bad enough that I didn’t feel like blogging anything at all. But I’m trying to finish this, mostly because I started it already :P Day three was our trip to Kawasan Falls. It’s a four-hour ride from the city. We rode one of the Ceres yellow…

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  • The Great Cebu Trip (Part 2)

    The Great Cebu Trip (Part 2)

    For Day 2, we planned on going to the tourist places in the city. We had an itinerary all planned out since you could find a list of places to go online anyway. But after the second stop, we scrapped our prepared itinerary and after going to a couple of places, we ended up watching…

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  • The Great Cebu Trip (Part 1)

    The Great Cebu Trip (Part 1)

    Since I’ll be leaving for another trip next week, I should really get this backlog of my trip in Cebu last May 4-7 up. I’ve been meaning to write this for a long time but so many things happened, such as boxing, work, and a bit of bumming (yes, honestly, when I’m not working or…

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  • Hopefully Boracay isn’t my last beach trip

    Hopefully Boracay isn’t my last beach trip

    I went to Boracay (for the first time! And I’m already 21!) last April 6 and left on the 9th. Considering all the other places I’ve gone to, like Bintan, I should have already gone to Boracay before (because hey, it’s in the Philippines, and it really does have beautiful sand!) but my first time…

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